Mexican tortilla soup-El

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Mexican tortilla soup-El

10 of the Best Mexican Soups You Must Try

Mexican soups are perfect to enjoy all year long. Why are Mexican soups loved by so many? They are packed with beans, shredded chicken, corn, tomatoes, and a little bit of heat. So if the spicy, rich flavors of Central America are enticing to you, warm up your meal with a Mexican stew soup.

You will have options for the type of meat you would use as your main ingredient—beef, chicken, or pork. There are several options, from meatballs to pork stew to cast-off parts like pig’s feet or beef tongue.

Discover how you will delight in these Mexican soups you should definitely try:

1. Pozole

Pozole- EL

This soup is a crowd-pleaser and a must-try usually served during special occasions and celebrations like Christmas, weddings, or birthdays.

It is an aromatic and soupy one-bowl stew made with nixtamal or hominy. Hominy are large dried corn kernels pre-cooked in an alkaline solution in order to soften them.

This hearty traditional Mexican soup got its name from the foamy solution potzolli in Nahuatl, which is created after the corn kernels are pre-cooked.

Other ingredients in the soup are herbs, spices, and the choice of meat (pork, chicken, or seafood). It is garnished with lettuce, onion, oregano, pepper, fried tortillas, and lemon.

2. Sopa de Tortilla

Tortilla soup- EL Mexican food is loved and remembered because of the tortilla and the numerous ways it is used in creating traditional Mexican dishes. One of the best ways to enjoy tortillas is in this aromatic Mexican soup.

It is prepared with golden chicken broth enriched with onions, tomatoes, chipotle chiles, epazote, and fried pieces of tortillas. The contrasts of flavors and textures among the ingredients make the soup very inviting.

With this wonderful blend of ingredients, you get a thick, nourishing, and rich Mexican soup. Garnish it with avocado slices or grated cheese and enjoy it as a starter or a meal in itself.

3. Carne en su Jugo

Beef stew-EL If you love the flavor of beef in a soup then this is one easy Mexican soup that you can try to make on your own. It’s a traditional Mexican favorite prepared with bacon, beans, garlic, and onions. You can add flavor by including chilis and vegetables of your choice.

Originally, it was served as a hangover cure in the late hours of the evening in a restaurant called El Gallo. Now, you can make it and enjoy it any time of the day that you crave a beefy Mexican stew soup.

4. Caldo de res

This is another option if you love beefy soups. Ideally, it is prepared for freezing winters, but its flavor can warm up any stomach. This delicious soup is filled with pieces of beef and vegetables like corn and chayote squash. Similar to traditional Mexican soups, you can eat them with lime wedges and corn flour tortillas on the side.

5. Caldo de Camarón

Spicy french soup-EL Who loves seafood? Try this hearty Mexican soup that features tender pieces of shrimp, chayote squash, and carrots. It is spiced up with chilis and flavored with rich tomatoes.

You will love this tomato-based Mexican shrimp soup flavored with ancho and pasilla chiles, with vegetables in a lightly spicy broth. It is one of the simplest homemade Mexican soups that you can prepare for the family.

6. Caldo de Pollo

The diversity of Mexican soups would not be complete without this traditional Mexican version of chicken soup.

Chicken soup- The key ingredients that make this soup traditionally Mexican include typical Mexican spices like chili powder and coriander. Chicken pieces, rice, potatoes, and chopped vegetables are included to add flavor and texture.

You have many options of how to garnish the soup. You can add a dollop of guacamole, top it with a corn tortilla or avocado wedges, or simply squeeze some lemon juice. If you want an extra kick, add some hot sauce.

7. Menudo

In Spanish, Menudo means “insignificant”. It is perhaps a reference to the cuts of meat used as the main ingredient in this Mexican stew soup.

Huangarian soup- EL The unique ingredients of this soup include beef tripe (stomach lining) and pig’s feet. It is flavored with ancho and poblano chiles with onions and garlic.

You can enjoy this soup in two versions: menudo rojo and menudo blanco. Menudo Rojo is the most popular, and it uses dried chiles to add spice to it.

Menudo Blanco, on the other hand, does not include dried chile nor pepper, although some might add a bit of jalapeño to give it a bit of flavor.

8. Sopa de Lima

This is one of the best Mexican soups to try. It is a favorite Mexican traditional dish that is packed with spicy, flavorful chicken, enriched with tomato.

Because of its name, you might think that limes are the main ingredient in the dish, but the soup is flavored with unique, bittersweet Yucatan limes and spicy habanero peppers.

9. Birria

Much like Menudo, this Mexican stew soup is a favorite for special occasions. It is also enjoyed on Sunday mornings and at dinners. It is prepared with tender goat’s meat, or you can use mutton or beef if you like.

The meat is cooked so well that it falls off your fork as you try to gobble it up. Its delicious flavor comes from its spicy adobo sauce. You can eat this delicious Mexican soup with warm corn tortillas, onion, and lime. Alternatively, you can also enjoy it with a hard Mexican-style taco.

10. Gazpacho

Gazpacho-EL Who says you can’t enjoy the soup on sweltering summer days? This classic cold Mexican soup can make the perfect starter for tacos with guacamole, shrimp avocado sandwich, scallop ceviche, and many other Mexican dishes.

It’s made of raw, blended vegetables, featuring delicious, ripe avocado that gives the soup a nice creamy texture. Other ingredients that make this soup more healthy are chicken broth, coriander seeds, Serrano chili, yogurt, green onion, and grated fresh coconut for garnishing.

The Soul of Mexico in Mexican Soups

These Mexican soups represent some of the best bowls to be found in the streets and homes of Mexico. They come in street-wise, hearth-made, and fine dining variations. Each bowl of Mexican soup represents a warming restorative for any stomach craving for classic comfort.

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