10 Mexican Restaurants Where Locals Go in Texas

Mexican food is a favorite among Texans. It is eaten for every meal—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and even in between. The zeal for Mexican Restaurants where locals eat is the most famous manifestation of an essential aspect of Texan food culture.

Even amidst the infinite variety of Mexican food in Texas and the availability of tacos in the other 49 states, you will still find that the tastiest tacos can be found in the great state of Texas because it is the home of the best Mexican restaurants in the country. You’ll want to visit every single one of them. Here they are, just to name a few:

La Hacienda Ranch

You will love the food served in this Mexican restaurant. Aside from the mesquite logs that give their food fantastic flavor and taste, it’s also the quality of their ingredients that make them proud. From locally sourced, farm-fresh produce to premium fajitas and all-natural, home-grown chicken, to midwestern corn-fed steaks that are hand-selected and aged for 28 days, you will always love coming back.

Enjoy a taste of home from their custom-designed log fire grills that produce fire-roasted salsa, steaks, and seafood with incredible flavor and of course their signature 100% Blue Agave tequila.

La Gloria

This famous Mexican restaurant in Texas earned a name for itself as a vibrant cantina that serves traditional Mexican street food. The ambiance will add delight to your Mexican dining experience with its lovely outdoor seating area with scenic views of the river. Their extensive menu includes inexpensive traditional Mexican favorites that you would normally find among the street vendors, taquerias, and kitchens of interior Mexico. Hence, a rich and diverse Mexican food experience right in America!

Cuchara Restaurant

Eat at this authentic Mexican food resto in the Lone Star State where the kitchen team places fresh food at the heart of everything they prepare for you. If you are a lover of Mexican authentic cuisine, you will always come back for their tenderloin dish which is believed to be a 150-year old recipe used by their chef.

One of the best recipes on their menu is their 34-ingredient mole negro, the most complex in Mexico or even the world. Complete your dining experience with a cocktail, mescal, and tequila, alongside blends based on traditional native drinks.

Fonda San Miguel

delicious tacosDine-in one of the best Mexican restaurants in Texas known for their distinctive cuisine, colorful history, and their transformative influence on Mexican restaurants across the country.

They are one of the first Mexican restaurants to introduce the full-flavored and more complex specialties from Mexico’s regional cuisine.

Their specialty includes shredded duck enchiladas, shrimp in a spicy chipotle cream sauce, shredded pork chiles Rellenos, among many other interesting options that will definitely satisfy any palate.

El Rincon

This Texas Mexican restaurant brings families, neighbors, and foodies together in a fun atmosphere while enjoying Mexican favorites. They prepare food with the freshest ingredients, from subtle to robust flavors that will leave you full and satisfied, and noteworthy tequilas for a full dining experience that you will always come back for.

Try a marinated tenderloin, shrimp brochette, chipotle mashed potatoes, spinach enchilada with poblano sauce, and pickled red onions in their Mar Y Tierra special dish. Indulge in grilled chicken, meat, and seafood dishes with a drink of their House Margarita, among other tried-and-true classic professional-quality mixed drinks that will become your favorite. Definitely, a Mexican restaurant you will love.


30 years and still going as this Mexican restaurant in Texas still continues to proudly serve authentic Mexican food to locals and visitors alike. Customers love their chiles Rellenos or stuffed poblano peppers, tamales wrapped in banana leaf, and of course, every variety of enchilada. They also serve gorgeous breakfast dishes so you can enjoy hearty huevos rancheros to start your day right and full.


They are well-known all over Dallas as the caterer of choice for the Mavericks, Cowboys, and the Texas Rangers. Their well-acclaimed dishes are tacos in their varieties—beef, chicken, brisket, adobo chicken, or fish—and over ten different kinds of ridiculous margaritas. They capture the taste buds of Mexican food lovers with two different lunch specials for every day of the week plus dinner options like crab meat enchiladas and tons of steak, chicken, and seafood entrees.


If you haven’t heard of Hugo’s yet, better hop into their restaurant and discover why they’re one of the best Mexican restaurants in Texas where locals eat. They stray from tradition by fusing seafood into a lot of their dishes—try their mouth-watering lobster tacos and a signature cocktail named “return to life” with shrimp, octopus, snapper, oysters, crab meat, avocado, and tomato sauce.


This Mexican restaurant in Texas has been listed as one of the “Top 50 Restaurants in the U.S.” by Hispanic Magazine. They have also been featured in Southern Living, Texas Monthly, and The New York Times. It’s a perfect stop for lunch if you would like a bite for their fajitas and enchilada plates. Enjoy your weekends in this resto with live music and their specialized gigantic margaritas.

La Fonda

tacos where locals eatEnter one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Texas, established in 1932, having served two American presidents, Teddy Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson).

They love serving the locals of San Antonio that’s why they’re a favorite Tex-Mex restaurant serving interior Mexican foods as well.

If you’re looking for a favorite Tex-Mex brunch dish, you will find it here along with side dishes and a margarita special. Don’t forget to try their perfect fish tacos with avocado on top. You can’t miss this tradition when you’re in San Antonio because they simply serve some of the best Mexican food in town.

Inspired Delicious Authentic Mexican Flavors

Put Texas on your map if you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurants where locals eat. There are so many more incredible options when you’re in for a quick, casual, fun, upscale, fine dining Mexican dining experience that is truly satisfying. Truly, so many good Mexican restaurants in Texas that serve authentic Mexican food will bring your presence to Mexico. Get ready to be impressed and tempted, whatever your favorite Mexican dish might be.

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