Make a Perfect Homemade Burrito With This Easy to Make Burrito Recipe

Mexican food can’t be complete without a burrito. Satisfy your Mexican food cravings with fillings of your choice wrapped in a soft and steaming flour tortilla. It can be the best solution to your busy days when you don’t have the time and the energy to cook dinner.

There are easy to make burrito recipes that can help make your mealtime more manageable! You can even prepare them early-on because there are freezer-friendly burrito recipes. These burritos store beautifully in the freezer and you can heat them easily on your busiest days—

It’s a simple meal that’s sure to impress and bring joy to your dinner table.

Down Memory Lane of the Burrito Recipe

The word “burrito” translates as “little donkey” in Spanish. A story is believed that this came to be the name of this popular Mexican wrapped food when a man from Mexico sold food in a cart pulled by a donkey. He kept the food that he sold warm by wrapping it in a flour tortilla. It became instantly popular because it was convenient to hold and eat it.

simple burrito recipe Another story of the origin of the name burrito is how the rolled tortilla resembles the ears of a donkey or how the rolled packs contain burros, hence the name. It has now become a staple in American diets since it was first introduced into the country in the 1900s.

You can see American homes and restaurants eat burritos with eggs, potatoes, canon, and a host of their options for a hearty breakfast or any meal they wish.

A Perfect Homemade Burrito Recipe From Scratch

If there’s not a good burrito place in your neighborhood and you have time to spend in your kitchen, here’s a perfect homemade burrito recipe from scratch that you can easily prepare.

It can be challenging to replicate the authentic flavors and style of the perfect-tasting burrito recipe but it is definitely rewarding once you bite into it.

The Basic Ingredients

To create the simple burrito recipe with a flour tortilla wrapped around various ingredients, you’ve been longing to eat, gather these essentials, to begin with:

  • Tortilla
  • Seasoned rice
  • Dried beans
  • Meat
  • Delightful sauces

Preparing your ingredients


The best type of tortillas for burritos are the flour tortillas. You can always buy some good flour tortillas from a nearby taquería that is strong, flexible, and crispy when it’s warmed up.

If you want to experience the real Mexican burrito, there are 12-14 inch flour tortillas that you can buy from Mexican wholesalers and retailers.

But, if you are game for homemade tortillas and kick the authenticity of your burrito up a notch, knead flour dough and lard and roll them to the perfect thickness—just enough to roll easily while not breaking apart.

Seasoning the rice

For the best burrito recipe that will wow your guests, it is recommended that you live up plain rice in any of these ways:

  • Add the classic choice of cilantro-lime flavor to the rice while you cook it.
  • Cook traditional Mexican rice with a little bit of salt. Traditional Mexican rice is prepared following these easy burrito recipe steps:
    • Sweat off some onions. Sauté until soft but not brown.
    • Add and toast your rice with some cumin and garlic powder.
    • Cook everything with stock and tomato sauce instead of water. The stock gives an extra boost of flavor and the tomato gives its distinct flavor and the pretty reddish hue.
  • Cook rice in chicken broth instead of plain water and add seasonings like bay leaf, a dash of cumin, and other spices.

Tailoring the taste of the beans to your taste

easy burrito recipe Just like the seasoned rice in a burrito, you can tailor the taste of the beans to your taste. Some love the healthier option of using black beans and others go for the classic burrito with plain or refried pinto beans.

To prepare your dried beans, soak them or stick them in a cooker. You can use a pot, a slow cooker, or an instant pot with six cups of your favorite broth and salt to intensify the flavor. You may also add garlic and/or onions.

Meat and/or Veggies

It’s your call on whether you want meat or veggie or meat and veggie burrito. Burritos are relatively flexible so you can use whatever you want. But, if you want the authentic style Mexican burrito, add these to your simple burrito recipe:

  • Carne Asada – Steak
  • Pollo Asada – Chicken
  • Al Pastor – Pork
  • Carnitas – Slow braised pork

For maximum satisfaction on a chicken burrito, use the thigh part which is the fattiest part of the chicken. Some seasonings you may add include salt and lime. With the other meats, play around with seasonings for a taste that you would like.

Adding avocado or salsa

The best burrito recipes have guacamole or avocado or salsa—an essential part of the must-haves on a burrito. You can spice up with jalapeño if you want some heat and flavor.

Salsa adds wonderful flavor to a burrito and in traditional burritos, you can choose to add the classic pico de gallo made with:

  • Chopped-up Roma tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Dice-sized pieces of jalapeño
  • Lime juice
  • Salt

Sprinkling with Mexican cheese

Melted Mexican cheese will not just hold everything together but will add a ton of flavor to your burrito as well. Add the cheese while your burrito is warm.

Rolling up your burrito

If you are a non-native burrito maker and it’s your first time to roll up a burrito, here’s the trick: burritos are still good even if they fall apart so don’t worry about not perfecting this last step.

But if you really aim for that rolled up burrito instead of a bowl of broken up one, it’s important to get your ratios right so that it is manageable to roll up and eat. An ideal proportion would be:

  • ¼ cup of rice
  • ⅓ cup of beans

Wrapping in foil

Always wrap your burrito in foil even if you plan to eat it at home. It will save you from trying to keep all ingredients in place while you are eating your burrito. This also makes it convenient to store them if you don’t plan to eat them at once.

Explore Different Simple Burrito Recipes

There is no one perfect way to prepare a burrito that would satisfy your cravings. Since the burrito has become one of the favorite items in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, you can master several variations exploring different ingredients and techniques for a burrito easy to make a recipe. Craft your own authentic and exceptional burrito with loads of delicious ingredients of your choice.

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