Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks to Try

Mexican-themed parties, particularly those in the United States, are almost always linked to having alcoholic beverages. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take a sip from a glass of margarita or tequila?

Thankfully, Mexican cuisine also offers some of the best non-alcoholic Mexican drinks around the world. Even without alcohol, these drinks will bring you the best mood and taste to suit up for that ultimate vibe.

Six Traditional Mexican Drinks You Can Make At Home, Sans the Alcohol

traditional mexican drinks

With these six traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drinks, you will always be in the mood to say Salud!

1. Chilate

A list of the best traditional Mexican drinks will never be complete without the ice-cold drink that originated from the state of Guerrero in Mexico. This iconic drink is considered to be a confluence of the Afro-Mexican cultures since a large portion of Guerrero‘s population includes Afro-Mexicans.

Chilate is primarily a chocolate or cocoa-based drink that is served chilled. The cocoa used here must be toasted, peeled, and grounded for a richer taste. Other ingredients are corn or rice, chile, cinnamon, piloncillo, and brown sugar.

Just remember that this drink should always be served cold. If you serve it warm or hot, you are like putting pineapples on a pizza in front of an Italian chef.

2. Licuados

Licuados are traditional drinks that are not unique in Mexican cuisine but can be seen across the whole Latin America. Its influence and popularity reached the United States in the 1990s during the period of immigration.

Since then, it has become a very popular drink that you can order in a lot of American restaurants.

Like the Chilate, Licuados are also best served cold. Its direct translation into the English language means blended or liquefied that is why Licuado is a blended beverage with fresh fruit, milk, and of course ice. Sometimes, depending on one’s preference, you may include spices such as cinnamon and vanilla.

A known advantage of this beverage is its nutritional value due to having fresh fruits as its main ingredient. For this alone, you may serve it to anyone, especially the kids.

3. Pozol

This traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drink can be traced back to as far as Pre-Columbian Mexico where it was used as a sustenance drink for long trips by the indigenous peoples.

The most distinct characteristic of Pozol is that it underwent fermentation. The corn dough that is primarily the most important ingredient of the beverage is fermented before it is mixed with water. And during this fermentation process, the corn dough is cooked with lime then enriched with cocoa.

To make the drink even richer, sometimes, other ingredients such as sugar, chili, honey and pepper are included. Then it is served in a small bowl, preferably wooded for a more traditional look.

4. Aguas Frescas

Aguas Frescas are probably the most common non-alcoholic Mexican beverage you can find in Mexico and in some parts of the United States. You can even buy it from street vendors in most if not all Mexican states.

Like Licuados, Aguas Frescas are natural beverages made from sweet or sour fruits. The drink’s name’s direct translation into the English language is “fresh waters” or “cool waters” because it is typically drunk to quench one’s thirst in a warm weather or season.

Anyone can make this drink even at home by just mixing a variety of fruits with water. The most common fruits used for Aguas Frescas are tamarind, hibiscus, horchata, guava, and lemon.

Sugar, seeds, flowers, cereals, and chops of cucumber are then added with the fruit and water mixture to give it a more refreshing taste.

Don’t forget to add ice when you serve it in a glass or cup!

5. Atole

Atole is another beverage that is not only consumed and sold in Mexico but also in Central America. Traditionally, it is considered as a breakfast drink like coffee. It is also referred to as Atole de Elote or Atol.

According to historical records, Atole’s origins can be traced back to the Aztec empire wherein corn was a staple food. And throughout the ages, this beverage retained its base ingredient of masa harina although there are now alternatives such as cornstarch and cornmeal.

To prepare Atole, simply mix masa harina with water and milk. Then additional ingredients can be cinnamon, piloncillo, and sometimes vanilla.

Atole drinks can either be prepared and served in a thick or thin consistency. This will depend on how you and your guests want it to be.

A popular type of Atole that is often served in colder seasons is called Champurrado. Here, chocolate is used as a base ingredient.

6. Tepache

And last but definitely not the least on our list is the Tepache. This is another fermented drink that is rooted in pre-colonial Mexico. It uses pineapple as its base and most important ingredient.

The peel and rind of the pineapple fruit are fermented to make the Tepache. Typically, you only need to ferment it for 2-3 days. Leaving it longer can give it a higher percentage of alcohol or turn it into vinegar.

Brown sugar and spices like cinnamon and ginger are often added to the mixture to give it a bolder flavor. To give it an even tastier flavor, you may add chunks of pineapple when serving it.

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