How to Host An Affordable Mexican Themed Party

Surprise your guests and give them the time of their lives with a Mexican-themed party that they will not forget for the rest of their lives. And, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this kind of enjoyment.

A party is a remarkable time when you can gather your friends and family to celebrate a milestone in life or simply get together for old times’ sake. Either way, you can all enjoy both the venue and the food.

A Mexican-themed party can be one of the most colorful and festive themes that you can create.

Here are the party essentials that you will need to remember and consider as you plan a Mexican fiesta theme party.

Mexican Fiesta Party Decorations

Colorful and festive are the main definitions of what your decorations should look and feel like when you are going to throw a Mexican-themed party. Your decorations should set the tone like the festivity of Mexican celebrations.

Fill the whole space with vibrant colors, textures, and culture. You can create some decorative elements or buy them at a store.

Here are some party decoration favorites:

Papel Picado

These are paper decorations that are incredibly easy to make if you plan to make them by yourself.

They can also be bought at a cheap price. Buy some colorful paper, look for papel picado tutorials on YouTube, prepare your scissors, and you will have colorful papel picados to hang in the room in no time.

Sugar Skulls

Colorful Sugar Skulls - El RinconYou can create your own sugar skull decoration typically on any material.

You can draw sugar skulls on pieces of paper, on stones, on cans that you can hang, on pots, and anywhere.

You can also create sugar skull dolls and have them printed on paper for wonderful wall decor.

You can also buy them online or at a store.

Fringe Photo Backdrop

Spice up the festivity and prepare a special area or corner where you can hang a festive fringe background from different colorful paper cuts and place them layered on the wall. This can give your guests an option for a photo op while enjoying the party.

Mexican Flag Banner

Add the colors of Mexico to your Mexican-themed party by simply hanging a Mexican flag banner on the windows, at the entrance, on the stage, or anywhere ideal.

Paper Fans

Grab some colorful paper and fold them like a fan connecting the straight sides to create a circle. You can combine different colors for every fan you make to make it look more festive.

Table Decorations

Table Decorations - El RinconYou can also make the tables in your venue look bright and colorful, similar to the decorations you hang on the walls and ceiling. A good idea is to spread a bright-colored table cloth that will match your theme and your tableware.

There are different sorts of colorful tableware that you can purchase online or at a store that carries the Mexican theme.

Other party essentials that you can include on the table are maracas, multi-colored plastic margarita glasses, and sombreros.

Mexican Fiesta Party Food Ideas

A party will never be fun without party food. For a Mexican-themed party, select food that will be enjoyed by the types of guests that you will have.

Most Mexican dishes have a certain spice in them, so if you have children at the party, choose Mexican dishes that are child-friendly.

Here are great ideas for Mexican dishes for a Mexican-themed party to make sure that your guests are gastronomically satisfied:


Homemade Horchata - El Rincon

This is a popular yet simple drink that can be enjoyed by everybody at the party, including children.

It is a lightly sweetened beverage that is made with rice water, cinnamon, and granulated sugar, spiced with lime, almonds, cinnamon, condensed milk, strawberries, and any flavor of your choice.

Homemade Churros

One of the best Mexican pastries that you can serve at a Mexican-themed party is the all-time favorite churros. Serve this with a delectable warm chocolate dipping sauce and it will be a hit for each partygoer.


Mexican Nachos - El RinconWho will party with no nachos when the theme is Mexican? Nachos are a Mexican fiesta party-themed food essential. Add excitement for your guests by serving it on a sombrero that you will use as table decor.


Prepare big bowls of freshly cut vegetables and a great salsa with tacos on the side and let your guests help themselves. Tacos can make conversations more interesting as you munch on a lightly-served meal while enjoying great company at the party.


Tequila - El RinconFor adult Mexican-themed parties, do not forget the sensational tequila. You can serve them traditional style, straight from the freezer.

Not up for tequila? Here are some non-alcoholic Mexican drinks to try.

There are so many more Mexican food party favorites that we can prepare for your Mexican-themed party El Rincon Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar.

Do not forget to try the traditional underrated authentic dishes like Torta Ahogada, Conchinita Pibil, and Tacos Envenenados.

We can serve unexpected Mexican dishes that you will want to add to your party menu. Our guests love Mexican appetizers like the regular mainstay guacamole and delightful soups like charro and tortilla.

For the main course, you will want to try meaty and flavorful favorites like Enchiladas, Fajitas, and Burritos.

Mexican Fiesta Party Games

Complete the fiesta mode in your Mexican-themed party with games that will up the fun of your fiesta.

You will truly entertain your guests and provide the Mexican fun they came to the party for with these Mexican-themed games:

  • Nacho-eating contest
  • Pinatas
  • Mexican hat dance
  • Limbo
  • Soccer (for outdoor parties)

The Ultimate Mexican Theme Fiesta Party

Give your guests the best of both worlds: Mexico and party, by including Mexican-themed decors, food, and games for the ultimate Mexican-themed fiesta party.

Plan in advance and let us know how you would like us to decorate our restaurant, what music to play, and which Mexican dishes to prepare.

We make life’s celebrations more memorable and fun with a Mexican-themed party.

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