Mexican Party

Offering You Delicious Menu Reminiscent of Mexico

Mexican Party

How to Host An Affordable Mexican Themed Party

Texans, like every American citizen in the United States, love to party and celebrate.

But sometimes, we take pride in saying that there can be no better party host than us.

Whether it is for a birthday, dinner party, Christmas party, or for any other celebration, there is no denying that we like to do it the best way possible.

Colorful and festive. These are probably the most fitting words to describe a Texan party.

And perhaps there can be no other celebration as festive and as colorful as a Mexican themed party.

Since the state can be historically and geographically associated with the Mexican culture in some ways, it is only logical that this theme is very much alive in various celebrations.

The Ultimate Mexican Party Ideas

A formal or informal social gathering that is very festive, this can be the closest description of a Mexican themed party.

You can’t really pin this theme into a box as it involves a lot of elements.

The only sure thing is that at least you need to experience this theme party a couple of times in your life whether as a guest or better yet as a host.

As a guest, of course, you will just spend your time enjoying the party’s high energy and sumptuous food.

Whether it’s for Cinco de Mayo, a Quinceañera, a surprise birthday party, or just a gathering of amigos and amigas, everyone enjoys this party theme.

But as a host, it can be pretty different. It can be pretty stressful since you will be the one preparing everything from start to end, including the decorations and cleaning afterward.

But this does not have to be the case. With the right preparation, you can definitely pull off a successful Mexican party.

Plus, you really don’t have to spend that much with this theme. Everyone from all walks of life can organize one.

Mexican Food, Decor, and all that Jazz

To be able to host an affordable yet still festive and fun party, you have to know about its important elements.

1. Mexican Food

In whatever party it is, the food is said to be the star or the most important element (well aside from the celebration itself).

Guests are almost mostly excited for the food itself more than any other thing at the party.

So it is really important for a host to meticulously plan and prepare the menu or dishes that will be served.

Mexican Food

Mexican food can be described generally as flavorful and sometimes spicy. Spices and herbs are important ingredients in every Mexican dish so it will definitely be savory and tasteful for most people.

Moreover, a lot of these dishes have a strong aroma and colors, making them very inviting for guests.

Have a genuine party by starting off with Mexican food recipes. Go for traditional to underrated classics such as Torta Ahogada, Conchinita Pibil, and Tacos Envenenados.

Here are more unexpected Mexican dishes you can add to your party arsenal.

  • Appetizers. Like in any party, you can start by serving the appetizers such as the regular mainstay guacamole. You may also consider serving soups like charro and tortilla.

These appetizers can be like an introductory warm up food for your guests as you go along preparing the rest of the other dishes.

  • Main Course. The main star of your party’s menu, the main course will eat up most of your effort and time in terms of preparation.
    warm up

Usually, Mexican food as the main courses are meaty and flavorful.

Some recipes you may consider include varieties of Enchiladas, Fajitas, and even burritos.

Always consider the number of guests you have before preparing the main course to avoid being wasteful.

Flans and puddings can be pretty easy to do and they also come as cheap so you don’t really have to spend a lot.

You may also incorporate signature Mexican food like tacos, quesadillas, and some pasta.

2. Beverage

A party is almost not fun without the tasty and thirst-quenching drinks.

For a Mexican themed party, cocktails are always present.

These beverages are a combination of alcohol, fruit juices, and more. Some of the most popular cocktails that you serve are Margaritas and Paloma.

Meanwhile, if you want some child-friendly drinks, you may serve lime, orange, or cantaloupe juices.

3. Design and Décor

Mexican Music Whether you want it grand or simple, putting up a design and some decors will improve the overall charm of your party.

Since this theme is grounded in being festive and lively, you definitely need some colors.

The easiest step you can do is incorporate the design in the food and beverages.

You can have a centerpiece on the table that can be an homage to the Mexican culture.

Likewise, you can go as simple as putting up a vase with colorful flowers or a tray designed like a sombrero.

4. Music

A Mexican themed party is a lot better with lively music. But this will depend on the kind of celebration you are having.

But you don’t have to devote so much time here as there are a lot of playlists fit for this kind of party on music apps such as Spotify.


5. Catering

If you want to lessen any grunt work, you can always cater. El Rincon Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar is your best bet.

Our restaurant in Frisco and Carrollton are more than happy to accommodate a Mexican menu your heart desires.

This guide will help you get started planning your own Mexican-themed party. It’s a perfect blueprint for any party you want to for your friends or family.

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